Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Reason for the Seasons!

Reason for the Seasons!

I always have a billion paper plates in my room from classroom parties or treats that the kids bring in.  Does that happen to you? Every birthday party or holiday party, parents bring in a boatload of plates. I love how prepared and kind they are for bringing them in, but they can add up quickly! So I try to find ways to use those plates. This activity is fun and cute, and provides a nice visual for the kiddos to truly understand the tilt of the Earth and seasons.  If you want a quick activity with all the pieces included, go here . I also sell another plate activity about moon phases using Oreos. If you want to buy both crafts, you can go here to the bundled package to save some moolah :-) 

The kids really enjoy the activity, and those glittery suns and Earth's are just too darn cute.

Also, I am a huge Bill Nye fan. I always show this YouTube video of Bill Nye the Science Guy after our seasons lesson! I LOVE Bill Nye for science lessons as review before a test/quiz. My favorite part of the videos are when they have the parody music videos at the end with TLC or Puff Daddy songs about science. My kids always say things like "Why are they wearing overalls/brightly colored, polyester pants/weird braids all over their head." #90slove

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