STEM Activity: Halloween Style

Happy Halloween! I wanted to share a fun STEM activity that I saw all over blogs and Pinterest this week. I knew I had to get in on the action!

Firstly, I showed this awesome Crash Course for Kids video about engineering. Have you heard of Crash Course Kids? If not, check it out! My kids love the Crash Course for Kids videos even more than BrainPop (and they REALLY love BrainPop!).

Next, I read Iggy Peck: Architect. This book is so cute and rhymes- the kids were incredibly engaged on every word. It is also perfect to tie into character education. The kids and I discussed CARES after reading the book, and looked for spots in the book that the characters demonstrated cooperation, assertion, responsibility, empathy, and self-control.

Finally, we did our STEM activity! I originally wanted to do this with MellowCreme Pumpkins, but due to an incredibly severe peanut allergy, we couldn't use MellowCreme Pumpkins. Brachs' factories have some peanut/tree nut contamination, so the boy's mom said it wouldn't work in the classroom. After some brainstorming, I found that Peeps are made in a nut-free factory! Perfect! Unfortunately, buying a ton of Peeps is way pricier than buying a couple packages of MellowCreme Pumpkins. Thankfully, there were smaller pumpkin Peeps with 24 in a package. Perfect!

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