Crafts/activities for Ancient China

Looking for some inexpensive and fun crafts or activities for your students to learn about Ancient China?

I love crafts. I am a crafting junkie. However, between testing, writing, reading, science, social studies, and math... it can be tough to fit it into the curriculum. We have a fairly strict social studies curriculum at my gifted school I teach at. For social studies, the kids do a lot of analyzing primary source documents and essay writing. Critical thinking and analyzing is a great skill- but where's the fun Ancient China learning? These crafts help add some spark and fun into the unit!

So turn on some Ancient China music (thanks, YouTube!) and break into some Ancient Chinese fun in your classroom! Here are two of my favorite activities that my students enjoy, and I know your students will as well!

We did this craft last Friday on a whim. We had to test the entire morning, and I w

as in the mood for some fun! While the kids were at lunch, I stopped in the art room and grabbed blue and black tempura paint. I have a boatload of paper plates, so that made it easy as well. One of my fellow teammates had lots of paintbrushes. Ta-da, porcelain painting time! The kids made neat plates and LOVED doing this! Good-old painting is so relaxing. We had a mini lesson on the arts of the Ancient Chinese, put a few examples on the SmartBoard, and the kiddos got to work.

 How adorbs are these Chinese lanterns?? I used a template from a teammate, but they are easy to make with normal paper, scissors, and glue! All kids need to do is decorate their lantern. Then, simply fold the paper in half, cut some slits, glue the paper together, and make a handle! If that description is confusing, take a peek at some YouTube videos to watch how they are created. Here is a good one: 

Need more resources for Ancient China? Check out some of my interactive notebooks and worksheets!

Digital Learning Day

Digital Learning Day 2016--Why Should You Try Something New? Because Your Students Will Thank You.

My students thank me all the time for the new “stuff” we are doing this year. Go ahead--take the plunge! Believe me, if you have access to any sort of technology (even one device), then do it. That one tablet or laptop can open up a window to a universe of instructional opportunities. Your students will want to get to that tech center. 

Digital Learning Day, February 17, 2016, is ultimately about bringing equal opportunity to our classrooms, regardless of location or socioeconomic status. It is about the importance of having access to Wi-Fi and up-to-date technology in our schools. Many schools have technology that is not working or that is out-of-date. State and local governments are now focusing on getting it all fixed so that our school children can succeed in the 21st century.

Here's the challenge--On February 17, 2016, try a new lesson that focuses on discovery, analysis, and exploration. Give your students the gift of a new opportunity by using Google Classroom, MS OneDrive, or an App. And don’t forget to share what you are doing in your classroom on social media to celebrate Digital Learning Day with #futureready. To help you get started, we’ve teamed up to share an amazing selection of blog posts and classroom activities that are designed to propel you and your students into your digital learning adventure.