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Hello, I am so excited to share my classroom journey with you! This blog is meant to show what I am up to in my classroom, give teachers ideas, and inspire. I love reading blogs and learning ways to better and improve my own teaching skill in my classroom. Hopefully my blog will offer something insightful... or at least is mildly entertaining.

SCHOOL: My name is Kelly and I am the author behind Glitter in Third. I was born and raised in Virginia. I attended the College of William and Mary for my B.A. in History and a Masters in Elementary Education Curriculum and Instruction. I teach third-grade at a gifted elementary center. I have both my county and state endorsement in gifted education.

I love teaching all subjects, but I think my favorite has to be social studies. As a history major, I want to gain access into the human experience. Social studies and looking at the journey through time allows this. My enthusiasm and excitement for social studies rubs off on my students, and I hope that they maintain this love for social studies after leaving my third-grade classroom.

I started blogging in the summer of 2014 after being inspired by other teacher-bloggers. Pinterest and blogs changed my life as a first-year teacher in 2012, I want to help others the same way that bloggers helped me. Shortly after, I started taking many of the materials I created and selling them on TeachersPayTeachers

INTERESTS: I absolutely love Lilly Pulitzer (my blog design is Lilly inspired!), Taco Bell drive-thrus (I am a sucker for a Crunchwrap Supreme), Taylor Swift, traveling, white wine, manicures, and being tan. My interests include art history (specifically near-east Ancient art), yoga, Henry Kissinger, and ancient history.

I also have a passion for art history. Peering through the artistic lens allows us to understand humanity better. Every city I visit I have to go to the art museum. Although it is a tiny section of most museums, my favorite kind of art to study and see is anything in Mesopotamia. From the Ziggurats to the Ishtar Gates, understanding the beginning of civilizations and how it translates into artistic ability is startling and stunning. In terms of more modern art, I particularly enjoy neo-impressionism and post-impressionism.

I never traveled much before meeting my husband. In just a few shorts years we have ventured to Spain, Italy, England, the Netherlands, Iceland, Thailand, Cambodia, Greece, Denmark, and China. I am so grateful for the gift of the travel bug that he has given me!

I married my fabulous husband in August of 2016, and have been thrilled about our first year of marriage! My husband despises the photo above... but I find it adorable so I'm posting it anyway :-)

I started selling on Teachers Pay Teachers because I wanted to share with the community things that I made and that helped me in my own classroom. Teaching is hard. It is stressful. I would find myself at school until 6 pm, thinking that there MUST be an easier way that is just as effective. Teachers Pay Teachers has changed my life, and I feel so grateful for that. I am truly so lucky to be part of such an amazing community. 

If you ever need to contact me directly, email GlitterInThird@Gmail.com. Happy teaching!

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